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Alliance of Divine Love 2019 National Conference, Phoenix AZ

September 5 @ 15:00 - September 8 @ 12:00 EDT

The Alliance of Divine Love holds a national gathering each year to provide opportunities for all of our ministers, trainers, doctoral mentors and family members to join in spiritual fellowship and share the grace of our work and lives. Great friendships develop from these meetings as well as much learning and healing. With so many divinely gifted readers and healers in attendance, attendees almost always experience profound spiritual upliftings. The nature of these meetings varies from traditional conference settings with nationally recognized speakers and musical performances to spiritual retreats for personal renewal and both individual and group connection to Higher Source. All ministers are invited and encouraged to participate in at least one gathering each year. Tapping into the wealth of our collective group of ministers is a gift to give and receive for yourself.

Bob and Shannon will be ordained as ADL ministers at this annual conference, and present Desert Medicine Activation and a Concert at the event.

What Is the Alliance of Divine Love?

  • It is an international interfaith ministry.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love is the coming together of groups to study the concept of Love in all religions.
  • It is the meeting of Muslim, Jewish and Christian men and women to heal children.
  • It is a Buddhist monk teaching the ADL membership meditation techniques.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love is a forum where spiritual intuitions and insights are shared.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love is an oversoul of Love which spans the Universe.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love is friendship and laughter and harmony.
  • It is loving each other.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love is Native American ceremonies being taught to Hindus and Catholics.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love is a vigorous, ongoing push of Divine Love into the world.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love is the application of the principle of the Greatest Degree of Love in all life situations, instead of a blind following of narrow religious dogmas.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love is a search for Divine Truth.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love is a deep, inner spiritual transformation.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love is the blending of Love from all great religious teachers.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love is all the world’s concepts of Love from the most remote past, recent history, the present and times to come.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love is you and me and them and us.
  • It is the knowledge that all is Love, no matter what other attributes a situation or person appears to be manifesting.
  • The Alliance of Divine Love emphasizes that Love is the only reality.
  • It recognizes that Love spans all planets, all planes, all dimensions, all realities, all universes, and the material and energies within.


Alliance of Divine Love


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