"I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees." ~Pablo Neruda

Music Mission

Bob Sima is a dynamic singer-songwriter, performer, storyteller, speaker, servant of humanity, workshop and retreat leader, meditation and breathwork facilitator, and creative collaborator. His mission statement clearly articulates his intentions for his music:

"I come with a crystal clear divine purpose. With utmost and sacred devotion, I encapsulate – in song – my interpretations of the ancient, timeless wisdom of the ascended masters and of the contemporary teachers I meet in this life. Each and every song I birth begins as my personal conversation with Source, delivered as life lessons of spiritual growth, transformation, and expansion of consciousness. I share this gift to soften the hardest of hearts, widen the narrowest of smiles, loosen the tightest of grips, lighten the heaviest of loads, and thin the thickest of walls of as many souls as I can possibly reach. All for the greater purpose of lifting as much light and consciousness into this world at this time in human evolution when it is so called to be done."



Sima RamsHead An experience that goes well beyond Bob simply singing to the audience, his concerts are an interactive musical conversation that navigates the hearts and souls in the room to themselves and to each other.



Bob facilitates workshops on creativity, meditation, mindfulness, chakra balancing, and breathwork that can be stand alone or part of a larger event, retreat, festival, or conference. He also collaborates with his partner, on a movement called Boldly Going Nowhere.



As a headlining musician, Bob creates unique presentations using his music to support his spoken message. He also enjoys collaborating with speakers to integrate songs throughout an event to amplify the themes and messages delivered through spoken presentations.



Bob volunteers his time and talents to take music where it often is not heard. This is one way to allow the music to reverberate through the halls and give back to the communities where we live and travel.


This is your blog and your opportunity to share how Bob's music lives in your life.


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